There are so many stars in the music world that shine only for a moment. And there are stars that rise and fall, but the heat of some stars can’t be contained and must rise again. Toronto based singer-songwriter Julian Taylor is one of those phoenix-like stars. 

His first moment in the sky started and ended with the hit-making band Staggered Crossing. After their breakup, Julian could have walked away, satisfied with that bright, brief moment. Instead, he went back to work, starting at the bottom, playing in cover bands, working bars, running an open stage as a solo artist. There were moments of impact when he formed the Julian Taylor Band and released two albums. But those were mere steps in the process. When he decided to strip his songs to the basics and go solo with his soul-folk 2020 album, The Ridge, his career rose over the horizon again and sparkled brighter than the first time. Mostly acoustic and sung in Julian’s distinctive warm baritone, The Ridge earned him two JUNO Award nominations, one Canadian Folk Music Award for Solo Artist, five Native American Music Award nominations, plus a nomination for the Polaris Music Prize. 

In 2022, Taylor released his follow up album Beyond the Reservoir.  It received a nomination from the Country Music Association of Ontario Awards in the Roots Artist of the Year category, a nomination for a JUNO Award in the Contemporary Indigenous Artist of the Year category, and two Ontario Folk Music Award nominations for Song of the Year and Performing Artist of the Year. “Julian Taylor’s music is a beacon of hope in troubled times. His lyrics are thoughtful and inspiring, and his voice is both powerful and tender. This is music that will lift your spirits.” (Canadian Beats) - Wayne Arthurson



"A solid slice of roots-oriented folk and soul” ~ Exclaim Magazine

"Lyrically, brilliantly ‘The Ridge’ exudes innocence.” ~ American Songwriter

"Taylor’s conversational vocals set him in the living room of every listener." – Pop Matters

"Taylor is a unique and important voice on the Canadian roots-and-folk scene." ~ The Globe and Mail, Canada

 "Strong messages, poignant words & decisive statements." ~ Americana Highways

"Among Canada’s most premier songwriters. Ultimately, Taylor remains unparalleled." ~ SPILL Magazine

"Taylor exhibits a straight-as-an-arrow calm with songs full of profound insights." ~ Listening Through The Lens

 "He has a remarkable gift for relaying tenderness, vulnerability, and heartfelt emotion." ~ Glide Magazine

 “Julian Taylor's beautiful voice captivates. Simply brilliant” ~ Rootstime

Photo by Lisa MacIntosh